G2G Charities 

We are proud to announce a special partnership with UMRio.  UMRio is the brain child of British Brazilian Robert Malengrau and colleagues from Oxford University Rugby Club.  It launched in 2013 to help young adults make the right choices, by presenting a hopeful, inspiring alternative to the gang culture in Rio's favelas through the medium of sport!

UMRio now has 50 committed volunteers worldwide and over 400 children, young people and adults participating in their programmes.  Over 67% of participants enrol in UMRio's employability programme, 40% are engaged in a pre-university course and 67% are learning English.  This is in stark contrast to the broader population in which only 11% of children and young people are engaged in positive extra curricular activities. 

We believe everyone deserves a sporting chance.  That's why we proudly support UMRio .

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