Sometimes little changes can make a BIG difference to performance if you know where to look and what to focus on.  Our system of TWEAKS works on an individual and team level to help you optimise success and drive high performance without the high cost!


Know how to balance hard work with with smart rest & nutrition


Learn how to switch things up to stay sharp and engaged

To do something well,  it helps to know why and how it works.  That's why we put our expertise in coaching, nutrition, well-being  and neuroscience into your hands, building knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime.

What should you be eating and drinking? When should you train, how and how hard? Where's your head at, do you need a break?  What goals are appropriate right now? Are you getting enough sleep?  We'll spell it all out for you and help you switch what isn't working for something that WILL.  

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Find your edge and how to use it


How much do you want it, what will you do to get it?


Environment matters, create space for success


Analyse to optimise.  Apply effort where it counts the most!

Many coaches focus on strengthening weaknesses, we're more interested in identifying strengths. The thing that makes you unique can also make you uniquely successful.  We help you find out how.

Want it all? To ensure success on and off the field, we communicate, coordinate and manage to ensure Athletes  are  well structured and supported, not stressed. 

Environment is everything, from the equipment you use, to the way you interact with the world around you. We help you cultivate a high  performance lifestyle,  big on challenge, well-being & fun, small on the factors that undermine success.  

Using  state of the art expertise and technology, we analyse performance at a micro and macro level, so we know when, where and what to 'TWEAK' to  release optimum performance, from  physicality to mindset, to well-being and nutrition.